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24 x 24 tiles

Match Gumdrop Characters in Palette (Endsega32) and Style

Autotile setup with corners and edges

Coast & Dark Water Animations

Grass | Dark Grass Below | Dark Grass Above | Tall Grass | Dirt | Coast | Deep Water | Bush | Rock | Cobblestone (2 color)

There are a million awesome free tile sets.  The only reason to try this over any other is to complement the style of other Gumdrop assets :

Let me know what you think - I should get back to the animation stuff now

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Tags24x24, ENDESGA 32, Pixel Art, Tileset, Top-Down


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Are you planning to add more to this tileset or nah? like interiors/desert/ship and dock

Yes, I've been working on it today.  I have more to say about it, I'll post in a devlog, thanks for your interest

I'm glad, because all other tile sets are not working for me (when you start working on making houses) can you make sure that the house is easy to make sense of in the sprite sheet because most of the houses have a bunch of different versions of roof types and it's confusing 

Stick with it enough and you'll figure it out.  I can't promise there won't be complexity, since this perspective is still one of the possibilities

I understand, also it looks really nice.👍

It looks amazing but am i aloud to shrink the tiles into 16x16?

Since it doesn't divide evenly it won't work well unless you use interpolation - averaging the difference between pixels.  That means you can't use the same palette as it adds a ton of new colors.  This is what it looks like scaled down, but I have no idea how well it tiles

Ok, I'll try a different tile set and if it does'nt fit my needs i'mm use this 1 btw can you add small  bushes that have berries in them  (Maybe a shake animation too)

You are one of the greats! I want to study your graphics and try to imitate your style, if I’m good enough.

I just love your autotiles, I think they might be my favorites!

Wow, you just made my day - and this was already a very good day. 

Once the source aseprite is out you can play around with the animations a lot more.  I'll post another reply here to be sure you catch it  - thanks again for the psyche up, really gets me ready to get back to it now

Probably a little late to plug this, but I did say I would reply here to let you know when it was out.

Oh, and here's some more auto-tiles I probably won't release if youwere interested

This is really well made.

Thanks!  There are a lot of great pixel artists around these days so I take that to heart.